Friends of Accurate Innovations

B&M Cartridges and Rifles are loyal fans of our stocks, and use them exclusively on all rifle builds. Strictly hard use dangerous game calibers, the development of each B&M chambering has proven no other wooden stock can hold up to the recoil forces generated by these big bore hammers. All B&M testing work in performed with Winchester rifles, in AI Stocks, with thousands of Maximum Pressure Loads up to 65,000 PSI. No one we know uses our product harder, nor proves its advantages as frequently, as B&M and their users. They prove the system works, with full confidence in each shot fired.

We recognize there are a great many training options for all manner of firearm users today. Our love for Clint and Heidi Smith and Staff at Thunder Ranch Oregon comes from our firsthand experience over years of visits for extensive training in the safe and efficient use of your firearms of choice. Safe, Logical, Practical…Thunder Ranch has our recommendation without exception.

You have your choice who to read and follow for topics related to our shooting sports and hunting endeavors. FMG Publications, including GUNS Magazine since 1955, AMERICAN HANDGUNNER and others, prove to bring pertinent and practical evaluation and discussion to the distinguishing consumer, and we invite you to become familiar with their magazines and writers.

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