Comments from a Happy Gunman

“I have attached first results from testing my rifle with your bench rest stock. The groups in the photo were shot at 50 yards from a good shooting rest. The rifle is a 17 WSM with a Lilja barrel. It looks like my 100 yards results will be about .500 to .750 average groups size with the best load. My Anschutz 17 HMR shoots similar group sizes. This is not bad for a rimfire!

I have to say that the workmanship on this stock is outstanding! You also designed the stock to be proportional to the barrel diameter and size of the action. This makes for a good looking stock.



Winchester Model 70 – For Sale

AI Range Certified For Sale!

Winchester Model 70 dates to 1952

Classic 30-06 chambering

Mounted up with vintage Weaver K4 scope that suits it’s age

See targets to see what the old girl will do; so much life left in this classic!!

$3450 delivered to your FFL

Now Offering Range Certified Rifle Packages


AI Range Certified Remington 700 30-06
1986 vintage Polish Blued Remington 700
(Many believe this decade produced a higher quality rifle than current manufacture)

Upgraded to Accurate Innovations stock, American walnut with Rosewood accent tip and gripcap

AI Range Certified sub MOA 3 shot groups as shown

Includes Leupold VariX III 2.5-8X scope in Leupold Rings and bases

Ready for hunting season!