While cutting this rifle stock from a highly figured blank of Turkish Walnut, we encountered a foreign object trapped within the wood. Much like the grain of sand that irritates the oyster to make the pearl, this stone was ‘swallowed’ by the root and stump of the 150 year old tree as it grew. The stone likely was the cause of the resulting burl and beautiful wood grain around it, and while most production factories would throw it away and start over, our customer loves the fact that he is getting more natural beauty than anticipated. As in life, the most long term desirable lovely results don’t result from easy life, and calm conditions. The trees we want for the most impressive gunstocks come from places where the winds were strong, the ground tough, the weather brutal…hardship in the long run yields a much more valuable end product. Stay tuned as we finish this one out, and see what our ‘defect’ polishes out to look like.

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