Comments from the e-mailbag:

I am happy to report that my 1953 vintage Winchester Mdl 70 shot groups of 1" when I received it back from you compared to the 1.5" groups previously achieved with the same loads.  That’s a remarkable improvement and the muzzle jump and felt recoil were both substantially reduced as well.  I took it on safari in Aug 2011 with two loads, 270 grain Barnes TSX for plains game and 350 grain Barnes TSX/Barnes solids for Cape Buffalo. I was extremely successful and my PH gave me the nickname of "one shot John" since each animal only required one shot, including the Buffalo!!! He was very impressed with both the beauty and fit of the stock but also with the impressive accuracy of the rifle.  I took a total of 11 animals, from the small Steenbuck up to a very nice Cape Buffalo from distances of 40 to 250 yards. I feel I owe at least some of that success to the great stock job you did on my Pre 64 Winchester and for that I am extremely grateful!


Warthog 2