The 4 Generational Team

Tracy & Lanny Barnes – Twin Biathelete Champions


Kerry and Carol O’Day  – He starts, She finishes.  A great team! See our March 9th post for a piece of their work on an AI Stock. DDG, AA!


Mr. Samuel Reed –WWII Veteran. Thank you to the greatest generation!


Wes with Dave Dlubak, owner of Ithaca Gun Company


Quite a crowd came to see stocks that are DDG, AA!



Wes with Matt Delura – Tactical


Wes with “Uncle” Roy Huntington – Editor American Handgunner magazine


Wes with Brian with SSK Industries


Thanks to Mark Hatfield with Teludyne Tech for coming to sell our products for us!

Wes and Dean Rumbaugh – Weatherby’s company historian


Wayne wanted a picture with me.

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