Having just returned from a great weekend show in Birmingham hosted by the Alabama Gun Collector’s Association, I was reminded again how much love there is for the ‘tried and true’! In a day when we are bombarded daily by "New and Improved", it is quite simple to forget the old faithful standby’s that have done so well for so long, and may simply need a good facelift to revitalize them into service for the next several generations.

Such was the case with Al Truehart, as he called to plead with us to make a replacement stock for the Winchester model 54 (that’s the  pre-pre-war action) that had been a family heirloom for decades. A bit time-tested and rough around the edges, his new stock in AA Claro with classic hand-rubbed finish really went a long way to preserve the usefulness of the great old .30-06. While it’s always very exciting to purchase and test the newest and greatest caliber/action improvement that comes along, sometimes it’s refreshing to know Grandpa’s classic will see the use it was intended for over the years to come. We think you’ll agree.


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