Tactical Doesn’t have to be Blacktical!

This is a Half-Mile Fencepost driver A loyal customer had us put this package together for shooting out to 1,000 yards…he figures if it drives tacks at 200 yards, it’ll drive fenceposts at 1000. Here’s the skinny: Remington LTR .308 Wyatt Detachable...

M40 For Secret Service Museum

OK OK… Nothing fancy about this American Walnut on the M40 reproduction headed to the private museum of the U.S. Secret Service. I think of it as Simply Beautiful…but still AA!

Tom Easley’s Baconator

From the mail bag comes this report about Tom’s only remaining gun with a stock that is DDG-AA! – a 280 Remington: “The stock is a classy Accurate Innovations AAA Claro Hunter. Out of about a dozen high grade A.I. stocks I’ve had, this is the only one that I...

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